Am I A Candidate For Bunion Surgery?
By Ankle and Foot Centers, PC
July 29, 2016
Category: Podiatry
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Find out if surgery is the next best treatment option for your bunion problems.

Bunions are a fairly common foot problem and while some people won’t notice any discomfort there are others that deal with pretty bunion surgerysteady and persistent pain because of their bunion. And if you and our Marietta podiatrist Dr. Mathew M. John have worked tirelessly to try and relieve your bunion problems without success then it might be time to consider bunion surgery.

When should I start considering bunion surgery?

This is an elective surgery that is often only recommended by your Marietta foot doctor if all other treatment options have failed. It might be time to consider this type of surgery if:

  • You are having trouble going about your typical day-to-day tasks
  • You experience pain every time you put your shoes on
  • You can’t bend or straighten your big toe
  • You notice swelling in the big toe
  • You don’t experience any relief from either over-the-counter or prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • You experience severe or chronic pain

What should I expect from surgery?

The surgery is performed under twilight sedation and local anesthesia at an ambulatory surgery center or hospital.

What is the recovery period?

Everyone’s recovery is different so it can be challenging to predict when you will fully heal. You won’t be able to wear regular shoes for at least two weeks, and you may need to wear a surgical shoe. A full recovery can take up to three months.

It’s not surprising that you may have more questions about a bunionectomy and whether it’s the right choice for you. Call Ankle and Foot Centers in Marietta, GA to schedule your bunion consultation.