What Could Be Causing Your Heel Pain?
By Ankle and Foot Centers, PC
October 17, 2018
Category: Podiatry
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Daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or standing for extended periods are all made more challenging when you suffer from heel pain. Additionally, heel pain can restrict the ability to work out or participate in your favorite recreational activities. Heel pain can result from a number of different causes, including injuries or repeated pressure and stress on the heel. There are also different types of heel pain and several treatments for healing each type. Dr. Mathew John is your podiatrist for the treatment of heel pain in Marietta, GA.

Causes of Heel Pain
Heel pain can result from a variety of factors. Injuries sustained during sports or other activities can cause heel pain. Even when an injury does not occur, participating in high impact activities that put repeated stress on the heels can cause pain. Examples of such activities include kickboxing or other sports and activities that involve extensive jumping. The repeated pounding of the heels against the ground puts a lot of stress and strain on the heels and can aggravate them, leading to pain and discomfort.

Types of Heel Pain
There are several different types of heel pain. Two of the most common are achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Achilles tendonitis is also called tendonitis and is associated with pain behind the heel. Plantar fasciitis involves pain on the bottom of the heel. Heel spurs can also develop with plantar fasciitis. Heels spurs result when calcium deposits build up on the bottom of the heels, making it extremely uncomfortable to walk and put pressure on the heels.

Heel Pain Treatments
There are several possible methods for treating heel pain. Some treatments alleviate any pain or discomfort, while others heel the injury or condition causing the heel pain. Heel pain is best treated by a podiatrist who can recommend an appropriate treatment method based on the type of heel pain you have. Available treatments for heel pain in Marietta include:

  • Resting the heel
  • Physical therapy
  • Stretching exercises
  • Wearing orthotic foot supports
  • Wearing supportive shoes
  • Corticosteroids
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Extracorporeal Sound(Shockwave) Wave Treatment (ESWT)
  • MLS Laser therapy
  • Regenerative medicine injections
  • Surgery

No matter what is causing your heel pain, a podiatrist can develop an effective treatment plan for you. For the treatment of heel pain in Marietta, schedule an appointment with Dr. John by calling the podiatry office at (770) 977-3668.